Saint Thomas Regional School was founded in 1926. Rev. James O’Reilly, the third pastor of St. Thomas, envisioned a school for the St. Thomas Parish. He invited the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary, of Scranton Pennsylvania, to staff the school. Mother Marie was the first superior of St. Thomas Regional School. In 1926 St. Thomas opened with the Kindergarten in a room in the convent. The school grew, adding one grade each year. Instruction took place in a small area behind the altar and in the basement of the Church. As enrollment grew, grades one through four were taught in the Church, while grades five through eight occupied the second story of the Manton Avenue School, located down the street from the Church.

In 1944, Fr. Sweeney, the new pastor, envisioned a new building to accommodate instruction and provide a safe, pleasant learning environment. Fr. Sweeney was transferred before he could complete his vision for a parish school.

It was not until 1954, when Bishop McVinney hired an architectural firm and contractor to build a parish school. The doors opened in the fall of 1955. Eighty-two years later, our school continues to nurture each child’s growth toward responsible Christian membership in society.